Building Financial Opportunities

I build websites that utilize all the resources connected to an organization, business or individual and create the ability to fund those sites. I love non-profits as the fundraising opportunities are vast.  The process is to take all those resources and create an income stream to pay for new equipment, supplies, staffing, family assistance and tuition assistance. Every organization, business and person are unique and require a good assessment to determine needs. In this new economy finding income sources, grants, corporate donations, fund raising opportunities is an ongoing process and can be difficult.

This is my proposal to you. I develop your online presence with the intent we sell products that you endorse and eventually own. This is about adding revenue to your bottom line. This is about your organization or your business branding themselves into a viable local, regional, national and world market. It takes time but it can be accomplished. It takes people who believe in the American dream. It requires a keen eye in selling products and getting people to buy these products. We can seek out the products, we can ask the right questions and we can find the customers who need what you offer.

In this proposal I will give you links (links are highlighted text that create an action item) with direction should you decide that I’m the right person to develop your web presence. These links will be action items, decision points that will determine your interest. Please note these are just ideas, you will be the final decision on where we go with this business venture after careful consultation.

I am an employee, consultant and manager for you. Although I am creating my own web presence, I will devote as much time and energy you need to make it happen. This is my proposal to you, it will spell out my hourly suggestion, my goals for your web business and how I plan to make that happen. Also note, once we agree on a business relationship there is so much I didn’t tell you and so much more to learn. But if its good for my sites it’ll be good for you and vice versa!

These following links require action should you decide to work with me. They are not just suggestions, they are the platforms I work on, that I am familiar with, and they are successful. And some like Blue Apron, if you click and join I get financial compensation. If you click on Free Items you will be sent to a page to sign up, so sign up and become a part of the Culinary Guru world!

Finally, please read before you click on links. Read each line as it took me 3 hours just to put this proposal together from scratch. When you click on a link I have a new tab open, so, when you finish reading the page, post or article close the tab. If not, you’ll have close to 15 tabs open, unless your mobile then just click the back button, it’s your choice. Thanks

NicheBuilder is the web hosting and development software that I have found that is not glitch and sweet talk, it’s straight forward technical people who work hard for your success, they are advisors, web hosting, technical information and most importantly, educators. You’ll need to become a member before we can start. And they’ll know it’s from me. I can take on at least 2 more clients, so if you know anyone that needs my services, please send them my way!

AWeber is my email program of choice and used them with the Palm Cafe. Emailing is the key to the success of any business, whether Apple, Inc or the Mom and Pop business. If you’re presently using an email service we can discuss the best options. Email is key to catapulting your business to a whole new level very quickly and we will be strong advocates of increasing your emails. This is a huge part of increasing sales and staying in contact.

Running with Joe Decker Sample blog Post that leads to a landing Page that takes you to the product. In this case, Amazon. I started with this blog post while you were in Australia touting the benefits. This is a link to a post setting up the customers interest. You click on the link and a new tab opens.

Nicole Decker Apparel for Women by Nicole Decker Apparel. This is the ability for the two of you to market to a vast audience and still link yourselves together. This may be a tough task but I’m up for it if you can handle it. 

Social media is another huge aspect, let’s review: FaceBook; I encourage, I actually expect fan pages on gutcheckfitness Facebook page. If you’re on LinkedIn, great. Do you Pinterest?, if not, you will! Twitter, big! And a host of others. This is part of what I do for you. It’s the setup and follow up and cleanup that is key to keeping the floors and windows clean in your new venture (this is an analogy to a brick and mortar business), but it’s key to looking professional and many people miss this part. The spotless and beautiful looking business keeps bringing them back.

Google! This is the god of the Internet. Google controls and maintains what happens on the Internet. They are the sheriff that keeps it working and working well. This is where great software that is aligned to Google becomes key to our success. That is why I chose NicheBuilder and in NicheBuilder is a company named Yoast that monitors our writing and images so that it blends in seamlessly with Google searches. Searching the Internet through Google is another key factor. That part is called the SEO and that my friends is where I come in.

Travel Agency: Decker Travel. Again it’s something we can develop, it’ll take a little time owning the business, but in the meantime we can use other travel agents. Just take a look. I can handle this as well and this could be BIG money!

Are you bored yet? I hope not. This opportunity will be the way business is done in the very near future. Your business fits in with all of this because you teach people to use the outdoors where they live or where they travel to maintain their health, it’s genius!

Blue Apron a sustainable food purveyor and educator of home chef’s can now be delivered to your door, and not just fast food but high quality foods that are prepared by highly trained chefs, us and like any fine dining restaurant, us! Yes us. Here’s a link that I am selling and it’s huge and quite successful.

Free Items get their Attention and builds your email contacts. This is a Wine Tasting Guide I picked up and edited. I eventually will offer other free items just to get peoples attention

Pop Overs are also cool and there are others to use but cost money, but provide big bang for the buck! We can install them in the platform through Yoast. Oh Yoast, I put a link above in Google! I haven’t even talked about that yet! Yoast is software and part of NicheBuilders platform, but some things cost extra, not much mind you, especially if they bring bang for the buck!

Gary Leese as your developer and SEO. Learn more by clicking my name. It’s here that I talk about me and what I plan to do and how much it can cost. Please note I am negotiable.