The Art of Opening a Bottle of Wine

Please click on link below to learn about the Art of Opening a Wine Bottle! If you know how to open a bottle of wine then this may help refresh something you may have forgotten or never realized, whatever the case may be it is nice to know the older style, the romantic style, of opening a bottle of wine that has a cork. If you are purchasing wines with a screw top, then our videos on that particular technique will be out in a few short years! lol! 

The art of winemaking starts with an idea and moves into grape choices, then to viticulture and a variety of steps bringing the wine to it’s final destination, your lips! It is here that an art form takes place, in this case, a cork, if properly trained this technique takes the wine tasting experience to a whole different level!

The Art of Opening a Bottle of Wine

As you learn more about wine you realize with one glance at a freshly poured glass whether it was stored correctly before tasting the wine. No I am not talking about “Smell a Cork” that we see everyone who is handed a cork proceeds to do, nor am I talking about a cracked cork that shows it was bleeding off product, but a visual that can readily tell you immediately there is a problem.

So in this day and age of sophistication and a lack of time to do all the necessary research, classes, opinions, there may be a way to have information at your fingertips without all the hassle and conveniently delivered right to your computer.

What of storage? What varietals to choose? What foods pair nicely? What is Cream of Tartar? How was Port discovered? What is Henry the XIII Cognac? Is it really casked in Baccarat Crystal?

So with all of this wouldn’t it be nice to have a place you could easily get great culinary information? Well enough of my talking, my next blog will be about Louis the XIII so click the link to see the video on the art of opening a bottle of wine.

The Art of Opening a Bottle of Wine

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