From Stardust to Here: A Dietary Journey

Louis 13 DecanterI don’t know where in our journey as human beings that we charted a course to become spiritual beings, but I do know this, that along the way we became very hungry. Eating has been an important part of our development, not only to sustain the body, but to unite us as a species creating a path that is filled with the wonder of exploration, dreaming and discovery. Depending how far back we go in our development one thing is for certain, there was the need to eat!

Possibly we were complete vegans and eating only what we could forage until one day one of our ancestors stumbles upon rhubarb, eats the leaves and succumbs to the toxins. Was one of the family members observing this act? How many of our ancestors died eating the part of the rhubarb that contains toxins? Did we stop there? Hell no! We now partake in one of natures most delicious pies during a holiday we call Thanksgiving? Thanks for what? Thanks for all of those ancestors who taught us about discovery and a really great dessert.

So where does that bring us in today’s modern times? Are we observing our family and friends succumbing to possible toxic dining? Are we really sitting down with the clan and in conversation, instead of grunts or drawing in the dirt, talking about the dangers of our diet?  And why does it really matter? There are those of us on this planet who give little regard to life and at the other extreme there are those who don’t give this much regard as there is something better on the other side. Whatever you believe in the here and now or put your faith on the other side, I am forever grateful to the law of discovery and our willingness as a species to put that law into action. I would rather learn from our discoveries here and now then bet on the other side and continue to eat rhubarb leaves!

So, as the Culinary Guru, I would advise you to make this an enjoyable journey and learn from our errors. Change the causes that create ill effects into causes that create healthy effects!  Enjoy a really nice meal with the family in conversation and laughter over a beverage of choice. It’s all about here & now and forever, so for that, I am forever grateful!

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