Passion, Food and Love

Wine Tasting in Tale of Two CitiesWe are sitting around the dining room table discussing the most interesting things known to mankind, such as the pyramids located in strategic areas around the world, the Tower of Babel, passion and the importance of friends discussing things out of our league, but enjoying every minute of it.

As life unfolds here in our world there are things we look to that must remain consistent, changing, but consistent. Love is a big one. The aspects of love and all the qualities love brings to our lives creates this firestorm of thought, it builds up in us this desire to be our best, to become fulfilled.

Yes, passionate and warm sexual encounters that come from a sweet embrace and a deep luscious kiss help as one soothes and touches the warm and primal areas. This love that fuels the fire of passion that creates deep loving friendships that grow and develop into long lasting, everlasting relationships is powerful. How about in your quiet time fantasizing, or better yet, feeding your loved one grapes as they languish on the couch succulently eating each grape one at a time while juices dribble down their chin? And………don’t stop now!

Passion, Food and Love are key to living this life. Eating is an important part that even King David was once known to say “You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies; You anoint my head with oil; My cup runs over.” I find the reference to a table filled with all the delicacies of meats, fruits, vegetables, cheese, and the most delectable of desserts prepared before those who spite us, hate us and would do harm. Anointing of oil that I am sure was made from olives, that precious fruit that symbolizes power, humility, heart health and beauty. And finally the wine that over flows making your cup run over that all should partake and enjoy!

As the world spins and orbits our sun on a yearly journey bringing us the seasons, may we aspire to be our very best and prepare for our friends a table filled with great food, drink and laughter. Preparing a table for our enemies is best left to those who understand the words of King David and until we have the growth and maturity to not live in fear and tremendous anxiety we will not hasten to quickly to this table nor will we truly listen and understand those words of another great King ” love thy enemies”.

But until that time as the world screams and yells like a bad reality show, I will bring thoughts and encouragement to eat well, drink well and get educated in whatever your hands and heart find to do, and always with Passion, Food and Love.

IF you would like to hear more you can get my edited FREE Wine Tasting Guide and toss the guide and keep the relationship!


Gary Leese
Culinary Guru

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