Who is the Culinary Guru

Red Bottle and GlassWhat is the Culinary Guru? It is a peek into the culinary world as seen through the eyes of those who work and have worked in kitchens, food servers, managers, marketing and all aspects that make a restaurant live and breath. It is about the discovery of food and where it has led us today and will hopefully provide for you, the consumer, better eating choices.

A knowledge of the world of food and the opportunity to see first hand behind the scenes of a real working kitchen, front of the house table maintenance, customers reactions and how disparaging remarks can really hurt feelings and break down the order, what it takes to get the kitchen started through prep work, mental preparation and the difference between food that is already prepared and food that requires thought and real preparation. The dining room with table set up and preparation for the guests, how to set silverware and which side do you serve the guest and which side do you clear. The bar setup and preparation for the guests, creating an environment that only a true connoisseur of the world of wine, beer and spirits can truly appreciate, it’s not just about darts!

Also the world of clean and sanitized. This part of the culinary world can go unnoticed and can create the biggest fears and dangers both to the public and the business. This area I do not take lightly, it requires an attitude from all the staff to provide the cleanest and safest environment at all times. Any slack in this area and in no time a dangerous and volatile situation will erupt as many of us have seen in the news with what is known as “reputable” restaurants. It starts from the top and moves through the organization and is only as bad as the weakest link, so the Culinary Guru advises, either educate or eliminate the weakest link!

I have written and edited a Wine Tasting Guide that is free to download and is filled with basic and intermediate information. It is a good resource guide and very useful if you plan to have a get together with friends and taste wines as a really enjoyable social outlet!

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